11 cool Instagram tips and tricks that are really change the game

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Instagram is most faster and popular social networks on the Internet. In the past, Flickr was a poplar platform when it came to sharing your photos. But now with the bizarre collapse of Yahoo, Instagram has stepped in to fill a huge void in the sector. So these days Instagram tips are something that almost everybody is interested in and we always try to meet the demand of the reader.

11 cool instagram tips and tricks that are really game changers

1) Select a theme and be consistent

There are many accounts on Instagram, so you have to look different from there and choose a good theme for yourself to look it different.

2) Keep your posting consistent

You must post at least once a day. If you do not post any think for a few days or a week, you cannot proceed. Your followers expect your content, so it is important that you continuously distribute what you want. Each post is an opportunity to attract new followers.

3) Post at the right time

There are two things to keep in mind before posting your photos to Instagram: the time zone of your followers and what time they are often checking Instagram. Most of the Instagram users login in the morning and in the evening.

For the brand, the perfect time to post is at midnight as they get about 4 hours of life before being lost to a crowd of photos on Instagram.

Post at the time of day when you feel that your followers have free time and are checking their account. For example, if you are a college student, post your photos in the afternoon, when the afternoon break occurs. Or, if you are in a city like Mumbai, where people check their social networks in the morning and Shyam in local.

4) Give your post a unique look

Instagram is a very virtual platform, so use it to your advantage. Maintaining the same style of photography as the same signature filter will give your post a style that others can quickly identify.

5) Add a special font to your left

Here is an Instagram bio hack that really sets your profile apart from others. You can add emoji to the bio below your profile photo, but your keyboards limits your creativity here.

you can also use some third-party websites, you can copy some of the more specialized fonts often found in the Instagram community.

Add special font to your bio:

There are too many website are their you can choose your own font to your Instagram bio. Open the website on your phone, choose your own font just copy your text then open your Instagram profile and paste in your bio.

6) Add GIF to Instagram Stories

You can share GIFs in recent updates of Instagram stores. However, many people still do not know how to do this. Well, it is quite easy. Just swipe left to right to activate the story camera. Now take a photo and swipe up from the bottom. Select the GIF option here which will open Giphy integration. Now you can search GIF and upload it to share your stories.

7) Use popular hashtags

Depending on the industry you are in, there are popular Instagram hashtags that can be used to attract more attention to your photos. The best way to find popular hashtags for your industry is to use Google!

8) Use Instagram's geotag feature

Geotag your photo – Target people in the place you are. For example, when you post a memes about coffee, you can tag Starbucks. That way when people are in Starbucks and discover that Geotag is about coffee can give you a follow.

9) Make your content enjoyable and shareable

Your content should not only be relevant and interesting, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing and shareable. If your watermark is completely printed on your photo, no one is going to follow it. Who would like to share it?

If someone wants to repost your beautiful image, but you are running a big advertisement or promo on it, no one will post it again.

10) Use layout and angles

The Instagram layout app (for iPhone or Android) is really good for creating interesting montages, especially if you want to post images in sequence or show a step-by-step guide. Canva is a great free tool for this task.

11) Hide your stories from users

This is a useful feature of Instagram for Instagram stories, so that you can hide your stories from some users. If there are users who follow you but do not want them to see your stories, you can do so by opening your profile and then tapping on the three-dot menu and selecting the option “Hide Your Story”.

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