What is Social Networking

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In this article you will know, what is social networking, today most of us use social media well. There are many reasons behind this, one is that you stay in the touch of your friends, with this, you are able to share your opinion to the people.

What is social networking

By using these social networks, you can share your ideas and thoughts to the people. Sites like – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide a mechanism to connect people together. If you do business or are in marketing, then Social Networking is a very big opportunity for you. So let’s understand what social networking really means and how you can take advantage of it.

What is a social networking

Social Networking is a “network of individuals” that consists of interpersonal relationships such as friends, relatives, customers and colleagues. For example, Social Media is a social networking service where you create your profile and connect with people and communicate and exchange information among themselves.

These “social networks” help you a lot in connecting with people and forming social relationships. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are among the most popular social sites today. This is such a social networking where you create a virtual community and exchange information among themselves online.

Use of social networking

Everyone uses Social Networking for their purpose, an individual will use it for a different purpose, the same business will use it to reach their customers. Let us know about some uses of Social Networking.

To get in touch: Individuals means that common people use these social networking sites to keep in touch with their friends so that they can communicate with each other and see the image, video and post shared by each other.

Updates from events and information: You are up to date from any kind of events or incidents happening in the world. You are aware of the things happening in the life of every person associated with your network.

For entertainment: Today most people use social media to get entertainment. These platforms have many such pages and channels that you can add to your network.

Brand promotion: Today, most consumer brands and companies target their customers with the help of these social networks. With the help of social media, anyone can promote their brand.

Giving your opinion about the subject: You can even share your opinion about a thing or person. Apart from this, review of any product or movie is also given. This helps a lot of other people.

To meet new people: If you want to make new friends or you like to meet new people, then this Social Networking site is a better platform for you.

Apart from this, there are many fields which use Social Networking for their benefit. So let’s know about different types of social networking services.

Types Of Social Networking Services

Social networking service (SNS) is generally defined as Internet or mobile-based social space, where people can connect and communicate. These services are placed in different categories due to their characteristics. Let us know about those different types.

Profile-based SNS

Profile-based services are organized primarily around members’ profile pages. They reveal information about an individual member such as picture and interests. A website like Facebook is a good example of this. You share your thoughts and material through comment or post.

Content-based SNS

These are such networks, where you can upload and share video and photography content and you have complete freedom to change it. Youtube and Flickr are good examples of this where you can make your own content accessible to people. Apart from this, content shared by other people can also be seen in these platforms.

White-label SNS

Most Social Networking sites provide group building functionality to their users. That is, here you are allowed to create a group with mini-communities. On social networks like Ning, you can create your own social network and invite people in your group. It supports your specific interest and activities.

Multi-User Virtual Environments

Sites like Second life and Word of Warcraft provide you with an online virtual environment. This allows users to interact with each other’s avatars (virtual representation). The friends list is usually private and is not shared or displayed publicly.

Social search

Social search engine is an important web development that has utilized the popularity of social networking. There are different types of social search engines, but Wink and Spokeo search results in public profiles of many social networking sites.

List of popular social networking jobs

Social Networking SitesActive User / Month
Facebook2 Billion
Youtube1.9 Billion
Whatsapp1.5 Billion
Messenger1.3 Billion
WeChat1.06 Billion
Instagram1 Billion
Tumbler1 Billion
Reddit300 Million
Skype300 Million
Pinterest300 Million
Quora300 Million
LinkedIn260 Million
Snapchat200 Million
Telegram200 Million

Advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites

Social Networking is a platform that has made communicating between the worlds quite easy. Looking at its positive side, social networking sites are nothing short of a miracle but today, over time, it has also had a negative impact on people. So let us know about the prons and cons of social networking.

Benefits of Social Networking

Social Networking provides us worldwide connectivity. You stay connected with your friends or family and would be able to share your thoughts and pictures with them. This is its biggest benefit.
Communication with each other has become very easy all over the world. With the facility of instant messaging, you can tell your acquaintance immediately and you can get immediate reply.
We are aware of what activities are happening worldwide from social media. Notification of all information of latest news and events is received in our smartphone.
In these social networking platforms you can connect with many such groups which are related to your interest. You will find thousands of such groups and forums which are the focus in any profession and educational pursuit. From here you can take help for your professional growth.
Companies can create their own page on these social networking sites to connect with their customers. This process helps them to promote and sell their product.
If you want to purchase a product or service, then these social networks like Google reviews, Mouthshut, etc. By visiting, you can read public reviews and learn about the quality of any material.

Disadvantages of social networking

Today, the social networking platform is filled with different types of information. According to a research, 60% of the news information found in these sites is either fake or half-incomplete information is given in them.
The usage of social networks has increased so much that people, especially the young generation, are wasting most of their time on these sites. This is affecting their productivity and mind quite badly.
In the last few years, incidents of fraud and identity theft have come to the fore. Your uploaded personal data can be used incorrectly. That is why do not make any kind of personal information public.
Today’s negative comment and post in social media is so much that it is affecting society badly. One of the reasons for depression and anxiety is overuse of social media.
This is the most distracting thing to us while doing our work, study, and task social media.
Using more social networking promotes brain and personality disorder. Overuse of this leads to a decrease in the child’s brain development and he may fall prey to the wrong effects.

Impact of Social Networking

Social networking in our society has both positive and negative effects. Above we told you that it has many benefits but every coin has two sides. Its impact is being seen more in today’s modern world. Everyone has the freedom to share anything, even if it is unverified and false information.

On the one hand people share interesting and informative content, on the other hand they promote inflammatory content i.e. inflammatory content and spread hatred among people. Due to such facts, the whole society has a harmful effect.

We have also said earlier that social networking is like a miracle, you can take its benefits in many ways. That is why before giving feedback on any subject, check about it whether the given facts are true or not.

How important is Online Safety

Today almost every youth is using social media. Everyone likes to make new friends and share things related to their life through these social platforms. But you should have this knowledge that the information you are sharing should not put you in any kind of problem. It is also important that you should have knowledge about those online risks.

The online risk you have to be aware of using social networking sites are as follows:

1) You can be a victim of scam. Your account can be hacked, misuse your profile and post scam links, which may harm your friends.

2) Do not download any third party app on these social networks. These applications can also be in the form of a malicious app, spyware, or virus, this allows hackers to gain access to your phone.

3) These social networks definitely provide communicative convenience to their users, but you should take care of privacy and security yourself. Do not share any sensitive information in these platforms or keep them private.

4) Change the privacy of your profile and post, keep their visibility to your friends only. The problem is that fake id is created using your data. Which may be used incorrectly.

5) Do not accept Unknown friend request just like this. They can deceive you and send you malicious links through messages and you can harm them.

If you know about any other online risk, then please comment it down so that our readers can know about it.


So in this topic what is social networking, we gave you information about social networking, under which we talked about its many aspects. One thing we learned is that we can use Social Networking in many ways for our benefit. It also helps us to connect with people, on the other hand, due to its increasing use, many new problems have also occurred. About which we should know

Hopefully, in this post you will have got to know a lot about the effect of what social networking is. If you have any suggestion or question related to this post, then comment it below and tell it. Share this among your friends to spread awareness about Social Networking Sites.

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